Audit berufundfamilie®

Balancing work and family life – an important building block of our company philosophy!

Children and their families are the focus of our company philosophy. That's why it's especially important to us that we support our employees in finding a balance between work and family life!

As part of our family friendly personnel policy we have made various things available:

  • A company-own daycare with open age limit (care of children between 6 months and 6 years)
  • School holiday care during the summer holidays for children aged 4 to 10 years
  • Flexible working time models
  • Sustainable occupational health management
  • Strategic personnel development and management training
  • Individual support for family needs


For our commitment we have been awarded the "Audit berufundfamilie®" certificate since 2003. This audit is an initiative of the charitable Hertie Foundation. Its independent committee assesses, via a comprehensive catalogue of criteria, which family friendly measures and options a company offers.

For us, the "Audit berufundfamilie®" means that we constantly review our family friendly personnel policy and will also optimize it in future.

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Audit Beruf und Familie

Employees’ statements

Sabrina Beetz, gives her children in the custody of our day nursery

Sabrina Beetz


 „My family and I have been using the offer of a company-owned day nursery for one year now. There are different time models and I booked a 35 hours week for my twins which means that both stay at day nursery from approximately 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. The well-trained staff there looks after them the whole time. 

During their settling-in period, their nurse Jana took intensively care of my children (aged 14 months at that time) and gave them the chance to get used to kindergarten easily. Furthermore, she is still an important contact partner for me concerning all of my children’s activities at day care.

My family and I also appreciate the way the nursery’s staff is organized. All the children have a good relationship with their nurses.

We’re completely convinced of the concept of finding individual solutions for every child. (Both of my children had some difficulties with the communal nap after lunch in the beginning, but overcame them after a few weeks)

My husband is currently working 30 hours a week and I have a 40 hours work week. We both have business trips from time to time. That is why we installed an alternating rhythm of picking our children up from nursery. This, of course, requires a lot of planning beforehand but is definitely the best solution for us as a family.

The twins look forward to go to day care every morning and just love the music garden or the adventure playground there. One of their favorites outside is the large car pool in the nursery’s beautiful garden where many things are waiting for them to be discovered."

Maria Jacob, 4 day work week

Maria Jacob






„My name is Maria Jacob and I work at HABA marketing department. I am mother of two sons: Fabian (1 year old) and Felix (4 years old).

Felix’ kindergarten is already closing at 1 pm on Fridays. Because of the long distance between my work place and my home town (40 km), I am very happy that I am allowed to use the model of a 4 day work week. This means working full-time from Monday to Thursday while having a day off on Friday."


Philipp Schmidt, took part in one of our spring health care courses (Milon training 2015)

Philipp Schmidt




„As I am often working in the field – directly with the customers – I had some difficulties to use the health courses of the HABA family of companies. Up until now, the set dates made it almost impossible to participate in one of them.

Milon training, however, can be easily adjusted to my everyday work.

I was used to ride my bicycle in my spare time to compensate the unilateral muscle strain resulting from work. Other sports were hardly on my agenda. Though with Milon, I found a great way to improve my basic fitness and all the neglected muscular areas without being bound to set dates! I am very thankful for the offered health courses!”

Kirsten Siegling, participated in our preventive health care program "Fifa Fit"

Kirsten Siegling




„First, I want to thank the HABA family of companies for offering such a program.

As all areas – diet, sports and stress management – are covered during the ‘Fifa Fit‘ program, I was able to get a detailed insight on the relationship between them and how to use my newly acquired knowledge in my everyday life.

In consequence, I changed my diet and maintained my right amount of physical exercise. Then there was only the recovery part left which gave me a hard to time to implement correctly. So I better get started on improving that. 

Summarizing everything that’s been said, ‘Fifa Fit‘ is a genius concept, well-conceived and definitely enhances personal fitness.

 Thanks again for that offer!“



Katrin Zirnkilton, part-time shift tailored to mothers at logistics

Katrin Zirnkilton




"I am a mother of two children who are three and eight years old and have been working here for 16 years now.

Since the end of my parental leave, I am using the benefits of a part-time shift specially tailored to mothers at logistics department. I am grateful that I am able to bring my children to kindergarten or school by myself due to the shortened working hours. In the afternoon, I can fetch the children by myself and afterwards we even have some spare time left for playing or studying.“

Pia Unbehaun, took part in one of our health care programs

Pia Unbehaun




“The HABA family of companies is recently offering a broad variety of preventive health care programs. They cover many different types of physical activity thus giving everyone the chance to participate in their program of choice.

I chose ‘aqua fitness for back muscles’ which took place at the thermal baths ‘ThermeNatur’ in Bad Rodach. I decided to participate at the course in compensation to my desk work all day at the office and my reoccurring back problems. The healing abilities of the thermal water and the moves during the lessons relieve tension and strengthen the muscular system.

All the exercises are accompanied by hot music and are done under the watchful eyes of trained staff. That means, practically, you can’t do anything wrong and it’s a lot of after-work fun with your colleagues. You can literally feel how your personal wellbeing improves every lesson. And that’s actually the meaning of it all, isn’t it? I think, it’s really great that the HABA family of companies is offering such programs and can highly recommend them to everyone.“