Our certificates

The brand names of the HABA Family of Companies stand for superior quality.

Anyone can talk about quality, but this family can prove its quality with certificates and official seals:


ISO 9001

The quality management standard is both nationally and internationally recognized and widely used. It forms the basis for a continual internal improvement process and is a reliable tool for optimizing company performance. In ISO 9001 the minimum requirements for a quality management system are laid down. Target and actual values are compared as part of the implementation of the process-orientated approach and processes are observed. Should deviations be discovered, then this will lead to the definition and planning of measures for improvement and change.


The audit is a strategic management tool which aids family-friendly staff policies. At the start of the audit, the current measures offered for combining family and work are assessed, and then an overall strategy for the company is developed. The aim is to find the most suitable solutions possible and to put them into practice, so as to harmonize the interests of employees and company. The HABA Family of Companies has been certified since 2003 and applies for recertification regularly.



A central point in our company philosophy is a sustainable approach. The office building ‘Leschenhof’ completed at the end of 2012 as part of this tradition, was awarded the gold certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). It represents a voluntary national and international standard for the classification of environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings which save on resources. A total of 60 criteria from the topics ecology, economy, sociocultural and functional aspects, technology, processes and location are taken into account for the assessment. The office building of the HABA Family of Companies fulfills the assessment criteria by 84.6 % and thus belongs to the top 20 buildings in Germany with gold certification. In the fall of 2014 the certificate was presented.



The International Council of Toy Industries laid down a code of conduct in the mid-1990s. It stipulated, among other things, that in accordance to this codex, certified toy manufacturers should adhere to statutory working hours, wage regulations and remuneration in cases of illness and maternity. The intention of the code is to ensure working condition which respect human dignity. The code forbids child labor, forced labor and prison labor. Sufficient measures to ensure occupational safety and health protection must be adhered to in addition. The HABA Family works exclusively with manufacturers who adhere to the ICTI codex. The voluntary agreement has been running since 2006.

ISO 14001

A worldwide acknowledged requirements catalogue for environmental management is available in the form of the international environmental management standard. The focus is placed on the continuous development of the environmental performance of a company according to the method: plan – perform – monitor – optimize. Certified companies set environmental targets and set up in-house environmental management, which helps to meet planned targets. Protecting the environment in an active way and a sustainable approach have been part of the HABA Family of Companies´ philosophy since it was established. We were the first toy manufacturer in Germany to pass the Eco Audit of our manufacturing processes, and we received certification in accordance with the standard DIN ISO 14001 for environmental management.