Luise Habermaass company daycare

Day nursery summer

These days balancing work and family life is becoming more and more important. Since 2004, employees of the HABA group of companies have been able to have their children looked after at the "Luise Habermaass" company daycare. Our childcare facility aims to make it easier for parents manage the balancing act between their career and their family. The childcare facility is dedicated to Luise Habermaass, who founded and built up the Habermaass company while also bringing up four children. Our daycare is set up with plenty of love and attention to detail, and ensures comprehensive care for the littlest ones.

The pedagogical orientation of our facility is consciously not aligned with a special approach. Much more important is that we create an atmosphere that makes children feel safe and secure, and give them attention and affection. We don't want to "work on the children", but rather live with them and learn from them. As well as this it is very important to take the children seriously and accept their personalities.

Something that we have been doing for a long time is making a "development book" (portfolio) for each child.

This presents the learning process of each child and illustrates their development at the different ages. It also makes developmental advances and delays more visible. Nature is the best playground for children – that's why we take regular outings in nature.

For the employees at our daycare it is only natural that the education and care is always of the highest possible standard. That's why they have regular training. Our pedagogical support team currently includes: Four educators, a social education worker, a remedial therapist, a pediatric nurse, an SPS intern and a kitchen assistant.

Since April 2014 the age opening has made it possible for children to stay in our preschool after they turn three.

Our opening times are from 6:30 am to 5:15 pm, but can go beyond this if needed.


Day nursery summer

Help me to do it myself.

Show me how to do it.

Don't do it for me.

I can do it, and want to do it alone.

Have the patience to let me go my own ways.

Those ways might be longer,

maybe I'll need more time,

because I'll make a couple of attempts.

Let me make mistakes,

because I can learn from them.

Maria Motessori