The large product range of the HABA Family of Companies means that the demands on the products are very varied.

We indeed go to great lengths to prioritise ecological aspects of products in all areas of the HABA Family of Companies.

Recycling and reduction of waste materials

Many years ago now we switched from solvent-based to water-based varnishes for coating products during furniture production. We were able thus to reduce the amount of hydrocarbon-based solvents released into the atmosphere considerably. Working together with the manufacturer, we have been able to significantly reduce the required amount of varnish whilst improving surface quality. This reduces the environmental impact during the production and handling of varnish. As part of the cutting process, considerable quantities of wood chippings are left over, and beyond what is needed for heating purposes.

Garten inkl. Teich an der Kantine

Making use of rainwater

In a company the size of ours, every year 5,000 m3 of water is required for flushing toilets. A further 10,000 m3 is needed for watering the plants in the buildings, for the pond by the canteen and the fountain in front of the administrative offices. We can cope with this easily by using rainwater collected in two underground cisterns and in two decommissioned tanks above ground. The extensive expansion of past years has meant that the production, warehouse and office areas have grown too. We generally construct new buildings on several floors to keep floor area usage to a minimum. The roof areas of the warehouse building in the Elsaer Strasse are completely covered by photovoltaic elements in order to ensure optimal usage of the roof area.

For the same reason, large-scale filter systems have been set up on the roof areas of the production facility

Recycling in the incoming goods department

Remarkable quantities of cardboard packaging and plastic film build up in the area where goods are received and in the administrative area. This is fed into the materials cycle using a recycler.