Environmental awareness

Photovoltaic system

We have installed a total of 3 photovoltaic systems on the roof areas of our factories with a combined surface area of 5000 m2 and a total output of 493 kWp. The annual yield of 470,000 kWh is able to fulfill the annual energy consumption of 160 single-family houses.


Recycling of waste wood

Every year 4,000 to 4,500 tons of wood scraps from the production facility are fed into the heating system as an energy supply. A further 1,000 tons are sold to regional customers as raw material. We also recycle wood scraps in the wood processing machine, which produces the raw material for table tops. We are able to heat all buildings using biomass, and without the use of fossil fuels.


Geothermal heat exchanger

The administrative building ‘Brauhof’, which staff moved into in 2006, is air-conditioned using a geothermal heat exchanger. The outside air sucked in is passed through 10 pipes which are laid 4 m below the ground. The air is cooled by up to 7°C on hot summer days and warmed on cold winter days by the same amount. This means that we need less energy in summer and winter to air-condition rooms.


Filter systems

In terms of dust emissions, our factory lies well below values prescribed by law. We have one of the most modern filter systems, which filters fine dust particles out of the air by means of electric charging.


Rainwater recycling

Rainwater from our rooftops is collected in cisterns and used in our sanitary facilities and for watering plants.


Material input

We rely on many years of working together in the choice of our suppliers. Alongside our internal quality controls, we count on checks by independent testing institutes. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are also of particular importance for us in our choice.


Material use

The synergy effects of the family firm contribute in no small way to saving on resources during manufacture. We are able to make optimal use of wood material, or, more precisely, larger wooden pieces become furniture for Wehrfritz, and smaller ones toys for HABA.



When shipping items, cardboard boxes are reused several times to avoid waste and save on raw materials.


Natural areas

The area surrounding the company site, for example open spaces and facades, are designed to be close to nature. The car parks, which have been planted with greenery, are not covered with blacktop but are paved with environmentally sound materials.


Due to the high proportion of in-house production, we are able to influence the entire value-added chain and the sustainable use of materials and energy.


Sustainable building

Acting responsibly towards our environment is an important part of how we go about expanding our office and production areas. We received gold certification in accordance with DGNB in 2014 for our office extensions.

Garten HABA-Kantine