Fair Company

The HABA Family of Companies is very conscious of their social responsibilities. This is why they support the "Fair Company" initiative, which was brought to life in 2004 by the Handelsblatt publishing group.

Fair Company

The companies voluntarily commit to following six rules:

1. Internships serve as professional orientation.

2. Tasks and goals should be clearly defined; a fixed point of contact is named in the company.

3. The internship is carried out for a reasonable period of time.

4. Internships are not given to university graduates.

5. Interns receive adequate compensation

6. The tasks, point of contact and goal setting of the internship, as well as the rules and requirements should be transparent.


More information about this initiative can be found online (www.faircompany.de).

A detailed interview with HM manager Julia Reifenrath covering the “Fair Company“ initiative can be found here.

Some of our trainees told “Fair Company” about their internship at the HABA family of companies. Eva Fischer gave an insight of her time at HABA product development, Marion Goudet recalled her time at JAKO-O E-Commerce and Frances Pohlig talked about her experiences gained at Wehrfritz product management department.