HABA Family of Companies

The HABA Family of Companies is a modern family business now in its third generation of activity. Our focus is on families and their children. It is they to whom we aspire to provide unique products and services. Family life, play, education, fashion and health are the core areas of our activities. Our values form the foundation for our daily business. Our business approach is universal – with a clear commitment to our regional roots.


In 1938 the Swabian entrepreneur Eugen Habermaass decided to start not just one business in Rodach, but two: the company >> Firma Anton Engel << together with Anton Engel and >> Wehrfritz & Co. << with Engel and Karl Wehrfritz. Habermaass contributed his economic expertise and the starting capital, Engel possessed experience in the production of lacquered wooden products and Wehrfritz was very familar with the textile branch. Together, they were an ideal combination for...

Our brands

As HABA Family of Companies we combine different brands under one roof. At each of our brands families and their children are the focus of action. Starting with the "Your children’s inventors" about "clever stuff for children" to "...more than class!" offer our brands to a customized product range.


Our values

We act in line with our values – quickly, jointly and consistently.

All members of the HABA Family of Companies are committed to the following values:

  • Quality

  • Fairness...


Our corporate philosophy

The focus of our trade are families and their children. For you, we want to offer unique products and services. Family life, games, education, fashion and health are the core areas of our activities.

Our values are the foundation of our daily actions.

The family Habermaaß

Today we are a successful family of companies. And like any family, we have partents who have founded our family and set up: Eugen and Luise Habermaaß. And children and grandchildren that will lead them into the future.

Nether the war years still the division of Germany or economic fluctuations could stop the family. One of its greatest merits: They created and create jobs in an economically more disadvantaged region.

Dates & Factes

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Insight the HABA family

You want to get an insight into the HABA Family of Companies? No problem!

Look behind the scenes of the HABA Family of Companies and you´ll be surprised at a company tour!

Then you can make a detour in our FamilyOutlet. Our FamilyOutlet at Coburger Straße in Bad Rodach offers 1,000 square meters for families, créches and social facilities all around leisure, school, fashion, furniture and useful of our brands HABA, JAKO, Wehrfritz, FIT-Z and Qiéro! - and all under one roof.