Internship project


For the internship projects, interns from all company divisions and departments meet up to work both together and independently on a project which is relevant to the company.

In the process interns from different courses/degrees have the opportunity to get to know each other and start building their personal network. The following will give you an overview of the already completed projects.

Game project


The task of this project was to develop a game, and manage all the challenges involved in game development as a team.

The result was an interpretation of the HABA Family of Companies family tree: On their path each player passes through the various departments which make up the company. The playing board was printed in the new brochures for apprentices, work-study students and interns in order to make the HABA Family of Companies stand out from other companies.

If you want to play, simply download the document in PDF here and have some fun!

Career forum – “Grasp the future”


While the first project involved the development of a game, for the second project interns planned a career forum with the motto "Grasp the future" – for potential apprentices, work-study students and university interns.

In July 2014 many visitors made their way to Bad Rodach to gain an insight into the HABA Family of Companies, and to learn which career opportunities are available. After two months of planning and a long exhibition day the pilot project "career forum" was off to a good start. From now on it will take place every year.

Intern blog & videos


At the end of 2014 it was finally time: The intern blog could finally go live after 4 months of work. On it interns will not only talk about their internship and give tips for applications, but also give information about what the company offers for employees and the leisure opportunities in Bad Rodach. And because pictures and videos say more than a thousand words, interns sometimes make videos about the different internship areas.

There have been plenty of visitors to the website since it went live. Pop past and browse the blog:!

We would welcome any feedback that you have!