Internship stories

Alicia Fertsch, Financial Accounting HABA Family of Companies; Business Administration, 5th semester, Coburg University

Alicia Fertsch

I've already worked in the customer service center for one and a half years alongside my studies, which is why I applied for an internship in the Financial Accounting Department at the HABA Family of Companies. I feel comfortable in the department and was immediately integrated in the team. My tasks included, for example, account assignment for incoming payments in various sales areas (JAKO-O, FIT-Z, Qiéro! and HABA), and the preparation of payment reminders at HABA. As well as this, payment notifications and associations needed to be booked at HABA. Telephone debt collections, where I made calls myself, were also very exciting.

I gained a lot of practical experience during my internship, and also got a comprehensive insight into the work processes of the HABA Family of Companies.

Victoria Weid, Personnel Department HABA Family of Companies; Social Work, 4th semester, Coburg University

Victoria Weid

The HABA Family of Companies was my first choice for a practical study semester because I was impressed by both the friendly family-like atmosphere and the unique products. In the Personnel Department I am responsible for all measures regarding operational health management. Since starting my internship I have been very impressed with the diversity of my tasks, the high level of responsibility and the trust which was placed in me from the very start. The openness of the whole organization means that I can integrate my own ideas and perspectives into the various projects. I would recommend the internship to anyone who is interested in the topic of operational health management and wants to become familiar with a Personnel Department in a family-friendly company.

For me it was the perfect opportunity to gain perspective for my later professional life.

Marion Goudet, JAKO-O E-Commerce; German-French Management, 3rd semester (Master), Mainz University/Université de Lorraine

Marion Goudet

When I started my internship at Jako-o GmbH I was immediately personally introduced to all the staff in the department and made to feel welcome. There is a friendly atmosphere here and I'm very happy to be able to expand my knowledge of E-commerce. I'm also very thankful that the department is so helpful and understanding about language difficulties. My tasks in onsite marketing include support with the creation of online shop system tests and maintenance of the online shop, which means analysis of customer behavior on the website and adjustment of the content based on these results, in cooperation with the web designers.

The internship in the HABA Family of Companies is a great opportunity for me because I get the chance to take on important tasks and gather valuable professional experience.

Anna-Maria Hollinger, HABA Marketing – Print; Business Administration, 8th semester, Coburg University

Hollinger, Anna Maria

I've been impressed with HABA since I first had contact with them at the career forum. I think it's great that they place so much value on sustainability and take responsibility for the environment. I was immediately warmly welcomed to the department. The work environment is very comfortable and open. My tasks are varied and interesting. I'm employed in the operational day-to-day business and the organization of games training. As well as this I assist and work on various advertising material for domestic and international use. If I ever have any questions there is always a colleague who is happy to help. Even though I've done internships at other companies there is still plenty to learn and discover. I've never regretted my decision to do an internship at HABA, not even for a second. I'm still happy with my internship. Anyone who wants to take on exciting tasks in a modern and versatile company is in the right place!

Antonia Müller, Product Management Wehrfritz; Sociology/Psychology, 6th semester, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Antonia Müller

I decided to do an internship in the HABA Family of Companies because the scope of duties in the job advertisement intrigued me. The job description sounded very diverse and challenging. Everything that you could want in an internship. That's why I started my internship with high expectations. After my first couple of weeks in product management at Wehrfritz GmbH I can confirm that it's everything that was promised. From the very start I was trusted with challenging tasks, which were nothing to do with "making coffee". I'm able to independently and flexibly structure my day so that I can find the most effective way for me to complete all the tasks on time. I accompany the long path of a product from the idea to inclusion in the catalogue. In the process I not only look over the shoulder of the product managers, but also work on my own subprojects. There's not a trace of boredom. I'm challenged but not overextended. The workday often passes in no time at all! I'm happy to have found an internship where the work is really fun.

Jie Li, HABA Export; Economics, 4. Semester (Master), Universität Bayreuth

Jie Li

I'm happy to have the chance to complete an internship in the Export Department of HABA. The fantastic working environment and exciting tasks made the work a lot of fun from the very start. I was immediately welcomed to the department and am now getting a comprehensive insight into various fields of activity. As well as supporting day-to-day activities, I also take on my own internship projects such as analyzing the Chinese market for Learning Center and Kindergarten, and preparing company presentations in the target countries. In my work I can not only implement theoretical knowledge from my studies in practice, but also develop an idea for my master thesis and future work.

There is sure to be a lot to learn at an international company like HABA and your horizons will broaden.