Menschen in der HABA-Firmenfamilie

Max Liebermann, product manager, joined the HABA-family of companies in September 2010

M. Liebermann

I started my apprenticeship to become an industrial management assistant at HABA in 2010. During that time, I got an insight into many different departments and was able to establish important contacts from which I am still profiting today. This education was the foundation of my further career and I learnt a lot about the processes in the HABA family of companies as well as the tasks of an industrial management assistant.

I got to know HABA in my early childhood as I grew up in the small town of Bad Rodach where the company is located. Due to this reason I had already known some employees there. When I had to decide where to apply for an apprenticeship, it was an easy choice for me.

At the moment, I am working as a product manager at the sales department of Wehrfritz. My everyday work is interesting and it includes tasks like developing new products, organizing fairs or planning the new main catalogue.

In the future, I will be taking part in a project group that introduces a new ERP system. This requires a lot of responsibility and I am really looking forward to it.

Another highlight of my career was a one-year support program for young employees. There, we had the chance to enhance our knowledge in several workshops and to improve our field of competences. I enjoyed working as a team with a higher-ranked executive which gave me the opportunity to get to know their field of expertise, to perfect my own tasks and to gain valuable work experiences.


Stefanie Neumann, package designer, joined the HABA-family of companies in November 2008

S. Neumann

I live near Bad Rodach and my dream had always been to work for HABA and to be creative for the greatest audience in the world - children.

I have been working as a package designer closely together with the marketing and design department for almost nine years now. My team and I create packages, displays, stickers, manuals and labels for around 400 products every year. The perfect presentation of a product on the market is crucial for a successful business. The package has to convince customers to buy one of our products and not the resembling one of a competitor.

I like working at the HABA family of companies as my tasks are versatile and I am able to forward my own ideas. We are a team here that is collectively looking for solutions to problems.

I am grateful that my son could go to the company-owned day care facility “Luise Habermaaß” and that I was allowed to use an individually-adapted work time model during that time.


André Hopf, head of IT (service and operations), joined the HABA-family of companies in January 2010

A. Hopf

I sent an application to the HABA family of companies in 2009, following an advertisement I found on the internet. After working for five years as a software developer at HABA, I was promoted to lead the ERP team for one year in 2016. Since July 2017, I am responsible as the head of IT in service and operations for three teams to secure a smooth execution of all daily used IT services.

I think one of my core tasks as a department head is to create a pleasant work environment for my colleagues and to support them in their work. Hence we can contribute to the company’s success individually and as a team. Flat hierarchies and room for creative thinking help me to identify myself with the company.

Due to regular and tailored advanced training like support programs for young employees, conferences or special workshops, I do not only have the chance to be up to date in my field of expertise, but also the possibility to enhance my know how. One of my personal highlights was visiting the annual Microsoft Tech Conference in Seattle where all the news concerning our ERP system was presented.

The HABA family of companies gives me a certain flexibility of designing my working hours. This gives me the opportunity to master my job and to take care of my family at the same time, for example bringing my child to day care or to make appointments to see a physician any time during the day.


Samriddhi Sharma, project manager of Business Development, joined the HABA-family of companies in April 2015

Samriddhi Sharma Bild

The journey began in April 2015 when I started working with the HABA family of companies as the India-head of Business Development. The past few years have been a rewarding experience for me, both professionally and personally. My main responsibility is to ensure a smooth entry of our company to the Indian market by developing a self-sustainable, independent entity that is oriented on the Indian subcontinent with our rich and comprehensive product range.

It is a pleasure being part of the HABA family. The company offers great opportunities of growth along with providing a conducive environment for personal development. I love about my job that the people whom I work with are focused and dedicated. Together we make a great team that works towards common goals.

Along with working hard, we do enjoy our team events which bring us closer as a family. The work environment is especially open, flexible and understanding which helps international citizens like me to feel at home away from home.


Christian Scholz, production worker, joined the HABA-family of companies in August 2009

Christian Scholz

After successfully completing my apprenticeship to become a carpenter and some years in the office furniture industry, I was looking for some new professional challenges – and found them at the HABA family of companies.

I am now working at the edge bending machine as shift supervisor in our furniture production. It’s our newest machine for single item production (quantity one). As everything has to be manufactured on time, I have a large responsibility. Every day is a new challenge. However, this challenge and the non-monotonous work is what I like about my job.

The HABA family of companies gives me the opportunity to extend my knowledge and to get to know innovations in the furniture sector by allowing me to take part in trainings and presentations at tool or machine producing companies.


Jacqueline Andritzki, shop-manager at Wehrfritz, joined the HABA-family of companies in September 2011

Jacqueline Andritzki

I got to know the HABA family of companies during an internship when I was still at school. After graduating, I started an apprenticeship as a call center agent in September 2011 and finished it successfully in July 2014.

During my apprenticeship, I learnt a lot of theoretical knowledge but it was not limited to it. I could also enhance my personal skills with practical experiences that were solidified in various trainings. These kept the apprenticeship interesting and divers. After successfully passing my final exams, I started working at Wehfritz‘s service center.

There, I gained my first experiences in consulting and supporting social services providers. In the following two years, I was able to enlarge my knowledge in other departments - for example the text department at Wehrfritz or the JAKO-O email marketing department.

I joined the Wehrfritz online marketing team in July 2017 and am now taking care of the shop management. My daily tasks consist of optimizing and maintaining the online shop platform and the products displayed there, onsite search, picture editing and taking care of external platforms such as Project and DaWanda.

The knowhow I gained in my previous departments here helps me to fulfill various daily duties.


Bianca Unger, Versandmitarbeiterin, in der HABA-Firmenfamilie seit Oktober 1996

Bianca Unger

Ich arbeite seit 1996 in der HABA-Firmenfamilie. Zu meinen Aufgaben gehört die Warenvereinnahmung, d. h. die Kontrolle und das Zubuchen der angelieferten Ware. Die täglichen Paketdienstsendungen werden von mir erfasst bzw. weitergeleitet.
Mit gefällt die Arbeit, da sie sehr abwechslungsreich ist und ich gerne mit meinem Team zusammen- arbeite.

Ich habe drei Kinder, mein jüngster Sohn besucht den firmeneigenen Kindergarten „Luise Habermaaß“. Hier gefallen ihm besonders die wöchentlichen Aktionen im Wald, in der Natur und vor allem der große Garten zum Austoben.
Da für mich als Mama keine Schichtarbeit infrage kommt, freue ich mich umso mehr, mein Kind hier um 7:00 Uhr abgeben zu können, da meine Arbeitszeit erst um 7:30 Uhr beginnt. Dieses Arbeitszeitmodell finde ich persönlich echt klasse, denn so kann ich entspannt meinen Arbeitstag in der Firmenfamilie beginnen und weiß genau: Mein Kind ist in guten Händen!