Our values

All members of the HABA Family of Companies are committed to the following values:




We want our customers to be thrilled. We strive to achieve unbeatable quality in the products and services we deliver.



We play fair. We are fair toward our customers, staff, partners, suppliers and competitors. We take care to ensure fair working conditions.



We are particularly concerned that our employees should identify with the company.

We support this process through communication and information. Only motivated employees will offer true commitment in the interests of the company. This is why we provide equal opportunities to each staff member, irrespective of their gender, personal belief system or nationality.



We courageously venture forth into uncharted terrain. Continuous improvement of products and processes are the foundations upon which our success is based.



Economic, ecological and social sustainability form the basis of how we act.


Business location

We are committed to maintaining and increasing the number of jobs on our sites.



Only a company that works with its focus on revenue will secure its future. We want success, but not at any price.


- We act in line with our values – quickly, jointly and consistently. -