Data privacy statement

I. General

We, Habermaaß GmbH, August-Grosch-Straße 28-36, 96476 Bad Rodach, Germany (hereinafter referred to as Habermaaß) take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly adhere to the provisions of data protection legislation. The following statement provides you with an overview as to how we guarantee this protection. We would especially like to explain to you as the visitor of our website which sort of data we collect, why we collect this data, how we use this data and how you can at any time define the treatment of your personal data. From item VI onwards you will find additional information on the use of our applicant portal.

II. What happens when I visit Habermaaß’ website?

In general, we will not require any personal data of yours when you visit our web pages. When you access our site, Habermaaß servers and technical service providers under contract with us may store data which might permit identification in individual cases (browser type/version, operating system employed, site visited previously, IP address of querying computer, time and date of server query etc.). Capture, processing and use of this data serves to permit use of the website (establishment of connection), system security and technical administration of the network infrastructure. This information will be evaluated for statistical purposes and subsequently deleted. The individual visitor will remain anonymous. On request, we will provide you information on data stored about your person or your pseudonym, and do so free of charge.


If you wish us to do so, please send us a message at We are likewise obligated to correct, block or delete at your request data about yourself stored on our system.

III. Which data do you store for which purpose?

Insofar as you provide us with personal data, we will use it exclusively for the provision of our contractual services and for customer service and to answer your queries (data in connection of a recruitment process is an exception, see VI of this data privacy declaration). We will store data that is necessary for the conduct of our business. This includes transmission of address data to Habermaaß Group companies. You can find Habermaaß Group companies and sales departments under number 6.1.


If you should later decide no longer to employ our services, you are free to retract your consent at any time with effect for the future. To do so, please send a message to or via conventional mail to Habermaaß GmbH, HABA-Personal, August-Grosch-Str. 28-38, 96476 Bad Rodach, Germany.

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IV. What are cookies?

In several places, our web pages use so-called cookies. They serve to make our offering more user-friendly, effective and secure. A cookie is a small data file which we transmit to your browser when you surf on our page. A cookie can only contain data which we send to your computer ourselves – it cannot read private data. When you accept the cookies on our page, we have no access to your personal information, but we are able to identify your browser with the help of the cookies.


We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • so we can recognize you when you return and display the preferences you specified (e.g. language),

  • so you can use certain services: e.g. display of the page in your language, use personalization of our page etc.,

  • so we can respond even better to the needs of our visitors in the setup of our page.


We use “permanent” cookies. This means you will only need to enter your user name once on websites requiring a registration. A user can manually remove “permanent” cookies. We will store permanent cookies for 3,000 days. In addition, we use cookies for advertisements. These cookies will be stored for a maximum of 30 days, following which they will be automatically deleted.

Most browsers accept cookies by default. The help function in the menu bar of most browsers will explain to you how you can stop your browser from accepting new cookies, how you can make your browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how you can switch off all the cookies you have received. If you deactivate cookies, some features on our page may no longer be available, and some web pages may not be displayed correctly.

V. Your rights

You have the right to demand information at any time regarding data stored about your person, its origin and recipient and the purpose of its storage. In addition, you have the right to demand deletion, blocking and correction of your data at any time. Please direct your request to or via conventional mail to Habermaaß GmbH, HABA-Personal, August-Grosch-Str. 28-38, 96476 Bad Rodach, Germany.

VI. Information relating to the application process (applicant portal)

6.1 Policy

The applicant portal is a joint operation of Habermaaß GmbH, Wehrfritz GmbH, Jako-o Moebel and Spielmittel für die junge Familie GmbH, Jako-o Familystore GmbH & Co. KG und project Schul- und Objekteinrichtungen GmbH. They are jointly referred to herein as Habermaaß Group. The responsible entity is Habermaaß GmbH. The following sales departments are included in Habermaaß Group:

  • Qiero!

  • FIT-Z

  • Heldbergs


6.2 Purpose of processing

The application data which you submit to us via the applicant portal will be stored and used exclusively for purposes relating to the capture and processing of your interest in employment of formalized training within Habermaaß Group including the requisite contacting.


6.3 Collection and processing of application data

When you apply online, we will need you to enter certain personal data such as your first and last name and contact information in field marked as required in the corresponding online application forms. In addition, you may provide us with supplementary application documents. Please be aware that these documents may also contain especially sensitive data. These can be, for example, data on political opinions, religious beliefs, ethnic origin or physical or mental health. When you submit such data, your clicking of the corresponding check box will indicate that you agree to data collection, storage and use as provided under this data privacy declaration.

The submission of your application will constitute your assurance that the information you provide is truthful. Please be advised that any false statement of omission can result in a rejection of your application or later to a legal challenge to your employment contract.

During the application process, your application data will be accessible by the responsible personnel managers of the recruiting company in Habermaaß Group and the responsible unit and will be made available to manager of the respective recruiting department.

Current data privacy legislation does not include a group privilege, meaning that any connection from one group company to another group company will constitute a connection to a third party. This is why we will need your consent if your application is to be made available to another group company. In such cases, your application data will be used within companies and departments designated in 6.1 and will only be disclosed to third parties outside Habermaaß Group pursuant to an order issued by a public authority or following your consent.

Once you have entered your application data and pressed the “send” button, your data is transmitted via an encrypted connection and collected on our server in Germany. We host and administer this server ourselves.

Habermaaß Group undertakes all appropriate steps to ensure that your application is processed diligently and completely. However, this depends on your application documents being truthful, current and complete. Please let us know immediately of any changes in your applicant data.


 6.4 Deletion of data and data truncation

In addition, you have the right to inspect your application data stored with us at any time and free of charge and to have it blocked or deleted, to prohibit processing of your application data or to have incorrect application data rectified.

To do so, please e-mail us at::

If you do not demand deletion of your data, your application data will be stored for 6 months following conclusion of the application process.

If you would like your personal data to be stored beyond the 6 months – up to a maximum of 24 months in order to facilitate consideration for possible future openings, we ask you to provide a corresponding consent.

If your application does not result in you being hired during this period (6 or 24 months, respectively) your data will automatically be truncated. Trunk data include:

  • First name, last name

  • Postal code

  • City

  • Country

  • Nationality

  • Title

  • Date of birth

  • Input type

  • How found

  • Input date

Following a further period of 12 months, this trunk data will be deleted permanently and completely.

VII. Disclosure to third parties

We will not sell data we collect. We will only disclose information we receive to third parties within the following scope:

  • We will disclose personal data if we are required to do so by law or if such as disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and those of third parties.

  • In all other cases, we will inform you if we are considering disclosing personal information to third parties, thus providing you with the opportunity to grant consent.

VIII. Data security

We make great technological and operational efforts to prevent loss or misuse of data stored with us, conducting regular reviews of our infrastructure and policies and adapting them to technological progress. We use SSL (RSA 256 bit) as encryption and security software. This technology is employed successfully throughout the World Wide Web. A symbol (closed padlock) in the lower window bar of your browser will tell you that you are in a secure area.

This ensures your entire personal data (name, address etc.) is transmitted in encrypted and safe mode across the internet.

Only our Habermaaß server can decrypt your data. During transmission, unauthorized individuals or organizations cannot read your information. However, it is also your responsibility to use encryption or other measures to protect data you make available from misuse.

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