Data privacy statement - for your online application

1. Policy

The Habermaaß GmbH attaches great importance to the protection of personal data of applicants, employees and all third parties otherwise connected with us. The information provided to us by you as part of your application will only be used for purposes that are related to the acquisition of your interest in a current or future employment record under further and the processing of your application.

The applicant portal is a joint operation of Habermaaß GmbH, Wehrfritz GmbH, Jako-o Moebel and Spielmittel für die junge Familie GmbH, Jako-o Familystore GmbH & Co. KG und project Schul- und Objekteinrichtungen GmbH. They are jointly referred to herein as Habermaaß Group. The responsible entity is Habermaaß GmbH. The following sales departments are included in Habermaaß Group:

  • Qiero!

  • Fit-z

  • Heldbergs


2. Purpose of processing

The application data which you submit to us via the applicant portal will be stored and used exclusively for purposes relating to the capture and processing of your interest in employment of formalized training within Habermaaß Group including the requisite contacting.


3. Collection and processing of application data

When you apply online, we will need you to enter certain personal data such as your first and last name and contact information in field marked as required in the corresponding online application forms. In addition, you may provide us with supplementary application documents. Please be aware that these documents may also contain especially sensitive data. These can be, for example, data on political opinions, religious beliefs, ethnic origin or physical or mental health. When you submit such data, your clicking of the corresponding check box will indicate that you agree to data collection, storage and use as provided under this data privacy declaration.

The submission of your application will constitute your assurance that the information you provide is truthful. Please be advised that any false statement of omission can result in a rejection of your application or later to a legal challenge to your employment contract.

During the application process, your application data will be accessible by the responsible personnel managers of the recruiting company in Habermaaß Group and the responsible unit and will be made available to manager of the respective recruiting department.

Current data privacy legislation does not include a group privilege, meaning that any connection from one group company to another group company will constitute a connection to a third party. This is why we will need your consent if your application is to be made available to another group company. In such cases, your application data will be used within companies and departments designated in 6.1 and will only be disclosed to third parties outside Habermaaß Group pursuant to an order issued by a public authority or following your consent.

Once you have entered your application data and pressed the “send” button, your data is transmitted via an encrypted connection and collected on our server in Germany. We host and administer this server ourselves.

Habermaaß Group undertakes all appropriate steps to ensure that your application is processed diligently and completely. However, this depends on your application documents being truthful, current and complete. Please let us know immediately of any changes in your applicant data.


4. Deletion of data and data truncation

In addition, you have the right to inspect your application data stored with us at any time and free of charge and to have it blocked or deleted, to prohibit processing of your application data or to have incorrect application data rectified.

To do so, please e-mail us at::

If you do not demand deletion of your data, your application data will be stored for 6 months following conclusion of the application process.

If you would like your personal data to be stored beyond the 6 months – up to a maximum of 24 months in order to facilitate consideration for possible future openings, we ask you to provide a corresponding consent.

If your application does not result in you being hired during this period (6 or 24 months, respectively) your data will automatically be truncated. Trunk data include:

  • First name, last name

  • Postal code

  • City

  • Country

  • Nationality

  • Title

  • Date of birth

  • Input type

  • How found

  • Input date

Following a further period of 12 months, this trunk data will be deleted permanently and completely.


5. Right to information

You always have the right to receive information regarding your stored personal data, its origin and destination and the purpose of storage. In addition, you shall have the right at any time to demand the deletion or blocking and rectification of your data. Please send your request to or by post to Habermaaß GmbH, HABA-Personal, August-Grosch-Str. 28-38, 96476 Bad Rodach.

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Executive shareholder: Klaus Habermaaß
Chief Executive Officer: Harald Grosch, Karl Fischer
Registration: Coburg Local Court (Amtsgericht), HRB 256

Habermaaß GmbH is a member of the HABA Family of Companies.