Social issues

As part of our company philosophy we are committed to the social market economy. We take the word ‘social’ very seriously, not only in terms of the social benefits for our employees, but also in relation to our partners. We grant our employees voluntary social benefits above the agreed negotiated rates, guarantee family-friendly personnel policies, and we take care of our employees’ health.

Apprenticeship and further training

We support the ever-so-important career guidance even before the start of an apprenticeship in various ways, such as through schoolchildren’s work experience placements and an apprenticeship day for pupils and parents in our firm. Young high school graduates can currently choose from 18 recognized trades with us, including rare professions such as turner or interior furnishings seamer/seamstress.

We currently offer approximately 100 young people the opportunity to learn an industrial, commercial or creative trade in our company. In most cases, the apprenticeship leads to a permanent job in the HABA Family of Companies and thus to a successful start to a professional career.

Just as we grow, our employees do too. That’s why we support them in further and advanced education. And we don’t just offer support in specialist further education but with general further education, such as office or language courses. Further education means that we can offer structured support to management with their duties, and to employees in terms of professional and social skills.

Kennenlerntage 2014

Family-friendly working environment

We help our employees to combine work and family in the best way possible. For like every company, we want our employees to deal with their daily duties with motivation, dedication and a sense of enjoyment.

We received German certification in line with ‘Audit Beruf & Familie®’ for our family-conscious policies. To help young parents juggle parenting and career, we opened our own in-house day nursery ‘Luise Habermaass’ in 2004. The costs too are parent-friendly: the company funds 85 %. As well as helping to look after our employees’ children, we also offer care in the summer holidays for elementary school children.

For those returning after parental leave, we offer flexible solutions in the form of various working models. Throughout our company we currently have approximately 173 different working-time patterns, adapted to the needs of, for instance, shift work, industrial or commercial fields or to those of our apprentices.

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Health management

Our employees’ health is important to us. Employees can do something to stay fit and to help deal with stress by taking part in sport, advice and information sessions offered as well as exercise activities. We offer as part of our Fifa-Fit program various health courses and presentations, company occupational counseling and ergonomic aids for the workplace. The annual Tour de HABA or HABA Family Triathlon have become fixed sporting events which our employees take part in.

Since eating healthily is just as important for performance and concentration, we offer our employees freshly cooked meals every day in our company canteen.


Social benefits

We don’t just manage our company in line with a cost-benefit analysis. Thanks to the strong bond between workers and the company, our employees benefit from outstanding social benefits from the shift bonus to capital-forming benefits for pension schemes, as well as birthday and Christmas presents.