Success stories

Christian Vollmer

Christian Vollmer - Erfolgsgeschichte

I did my first internship in domestic sales at HABA, and then also did another three month internship in the next semester break in the Marketing Department of the HABA Family of Companies. From then on I was always at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair on weekends as a holiday worker, explaining the games until I was ready to drop and writing orders until the pen ran out of ink.

Then there was a period of 11 weeks before the preparation phase for my diploma examination. An application, an interview and a couple of weeks later I was sitting on a plane to the USA to do another internship at Skaneateles, then still called T.C. Timber.

Six months later it was time for my graduation, and even during preparation for examinations I already had my contract with HABA in the bag. Then I passed through various departments and ended up back in HABA Sales, assisting export sales activities and being the link to the American branch.

Later I built up the HABA Marketing Department. Since 2007 I've been managing the HABA Export Department and am managing director of HABA USA and HABA France. It's just as much fun as it was on the first day, and there are always plenty of challenges – I enjoy it and my work is never boring.

Wiebke Baerwald

Wiebke Baerwald

During my university studies in Coburg I did my practical study semester in the Export and Marketing Department of the HABA Family of Companies. The diverse and independent work let me enrich the theoretical skills from my studies with practical experiences in a very constructive way.

I finished up my business administration studies (BWL) with a diploma thesis in product development and, based on my positive experiences, applied for a job in the HABA Family of Companies. I've been working here since 2009.

At the start I worked in various departments at Wehrfritz GmbH, and later ended up in HABA Product Management as a temporary replacement. During this time I was given the opportunity to take part in the internal program for young managers in the HABA Family of Companies. During the two-year program there were various events, courses and seminars aimed at personal and professional development. After around one year the Product Development Department expanded and I was given a new opportunity.

I took on the job of product manager in the baby and toddler division at HABA. Since then I have enjoyed supervising and coordinating the products from idea to completion. As the interface between various departments, this job has a lot of variety, creativity and plenty of new and exciting challenges, which means that the job never gets boring.

Roland Wimmer

Roland Wimmer

More than 30 years ago I was lucky enough to do two practical semesters as an intern at Habermaaß GmbH in the technology division. Even though I'd already completed commercial training before my studies, I gained a new perspective and deeper insight into the real working world.

In the process learned more about the lower scale but no less exciting production in detail.

I was able to analyze the entire material flow of furniture manufacture and, as an intern, had the opportunity to independently plan an entire warehouse. Even though it was much smaller than the warehouses today it was still a challenge and a lot of responsibility at the time!

The experiences I had meant that I found the area of production very interesting and that's why I was happy to accept the offer to continue the project I'd started with my diploma thesis. After finishing my studies I was then able to further develop the project. From the two years which were originally planned it's now been over 30.

There are always new, diverse and always exciting tasks. One of these tasks led me to the IT Department, and then over the years to my current position as managing director of IT/Organization.