The family Habermaaß

Starting a company on April 26, 1938 in empty factory premises with little money and in uncertain times was a bit of a risk. Anton Engel and Eugen Habermaaß decided to take this risk. They founded the company Anton Engel, a factory in Bad Rodach producing finely polished wooden products. And a few days later, with Karl Wehrfritz, they even set up a second firm: Wehrfritz & Co.


As early as 1940 Eugen Habermaaß took over both companies after the equal partners had left.

Thanks to his foresight, strong will and perseverance, he managed to keep the firms going right through the Second World War and the occupation.

Eugen Habermaaß

Eugen Habermaaß died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1955 at the age of 53. His wife, Luise Habermaaß, had been helping out for years in the business, but what she did next was courageous. Without any commercial or technical training, the mother of four took over the company. The sense of social responsibility she felt towards the employees at the time is to thank for the fact that the company still exists today.


Luise Habermaaß quickly proved that she had a finely tuned understanding of market requirements. With a great deal of commitment and the support of her long-time employees, she achieved through her efforts her own little Wirtschaftswunder in the 1950s.


Luise Habermaaß died in 2003, shortly after celebrating her 97th birthday.

Luise Habermaaß

Klaus Habermaaß, her son, had already joined the firm in 1961 after his joinery apprenticeship and studies at the Rosenheim engineering college. The 24-year-old was initially assistant production manager, but gradually he took over the departments of engineering, finance and development. Meanwhile Luise Habermaaß concentrated on sourcing the product range at Wehrfritz. A division of responsibilities that functioned very well!


Klaus Habermaaß is today the managing partner of the family of companies. He continues to manage it with an infallible instinct for market and product development, coupled with strong will power and a great sense of social responsibility towards the employees.


The continual progress of the company was and is an important part of his philosophy.

Klaus Habermaaß

A successful story continues

It goes without saying that the HABA Family of Companies should be managed by a family. In an active way too and on the level of the people affected, with visions that are right for the firm. That’s how it has always been since the firm was founded, and how it should remain for the future too.

It is our wish and duty to continue to manage this company in the spirit it has been up to now. To expand it, and not just to keep jobs but to create them too.And to face the challenges of times that have already become so different to how they were ten years ago.

Change which comes about ever more quickly brings with it many challenges, and just as many opportunities.


Today we are a successful family company. Like every family, we have parents who started our family and built it: Eugen und Luise Habermaaß. And children and children’s children, who will lead it into the future. Neither the war years nor the division of Germany nor economic volatility could stand in the way of the family. One of their greatest achievements is that they have created and still create jobs in a relatively economically disadvantaged region.


Habermaaß - Die nächste Generation