A successfully completed internship in the HABA Family of Companies is the best prerequisite for your thesis.

Our corporate diversity gives you numerous interesting and ambitious topics for your bachelor, master, magister or diploma thesis.

You will always receive the professional support you require, as well as comprehensive and individual supervision during preparation of your thesis.

Field reports

Tamara Stüllein, HABA Family of Companies Personnel Department; Integrative Health Promotion, 8th Semester, Coburg University

Tamara Stüllein - Abschlussarbeit

During my practical semester in the health management department in the HABA Family of Companies I was inspired with an idea for my later bachelor thesis. I wanted to develop a strategy to introduce apprentices to the topic of health at a young age. My proposal was convincing, and so I developed a concept for promotion of individual resources and the potential of apprentices in cooperation with the HABA Family of Companies. In the process I was able to combine my theoretical knowledge from studies with my first practical experiences in a company.

While writing my bachelor thesis I always had access to the right points of contact, and received the internal support that I needed. Because I could develop the concept freely based on my ideas, it was possible to develop my ideas for the bachelor thesis in cooperation with the HABA Family of Companies.

Josephin Pethe, JAKO-O e-commerce; Textile Management, 2nd Semester (Master), Reutlingen University

Josephin Pethe-Abschlussarbeit

Because I had already written my bachelor thesis with a clothing company, it was personally very important to me to let this positive experience flow into my master thesis. I was very interested in the segment of children's clothing, as it has a lot of development potential. In the area of e-commerce this product group is a strongly growing segment. With this background knowledge I first completed an internship in the e-commerce department at Jako-o GmbH, to learn more about the department structure and operative management.

During this time I worked with the onsite marketing department on my thesis topic "User Centered Design in E-Commerce – Preparation of a Specialist Approach for a 'Shop the Look' Feature at Jako-o GmbH". As part of the work I was able to combine my theoretical knowledge with practical usability factors, and also incorporate current developments in the industry. In addition, because it was actually a real-life project, I was able to integrate customer opinions thanks to an online questionnaire, and also prepared a concept which at some stage be implemented in practice. This was a special challenge, but the e-commerce department helped me with assistance and advice. My thesis was a very good opportunity to participate in future-oriented development at a family company.