Sustainability means for us already worrying about tomorrow today. The continuing duty of each responsible company management is to convey these values, set an example through them, to maintain them and to adapt them to development. Our system of values is thus constructed on the following three pillars:


An important building block for our sustainability is the owner family. Across the generations we want to hand down values and leave them to others.

Environmental awareness

We implement the following actions for our environmental awareness:

  • photovoltaic installations

  • recycling of wood waste

  • ...

Environmental policy

‘We assume responsibility for our environment’

– that is one of the principles of our corporate philosophy. For us, that means minimising the ecological impact within the bounds of the financially defensible. We are therefore constantly upgrading our production processes and ascertaining, evaluating and minimising the use of raw materials, emissions and waste volumes on an ongoing basis.


Due to the large product range of HABA also the requirement of the products is very diverse. With great effort we are trying to make the ecology in all areas of the HABA Family of Companies fot the products in the foreground!


At the focus of the economic process is the long-therm, sustainable and profitable growth. We accomplish this by delivering the customers with quality products and services.

Social issues

In our philosophy, we are commited to a social market economy. The word "social" we take seriously: both in terms of social benefits for our employees as well as in relation to our partners. We provide our employees on collective agreements beyond voluntary social benefits, ensuring a family-oriented personnel policy and pay attention to the health of our employees.

Our certificates

The brand names of the HABA Family of Companies to stand for superior quality.

Anybody can speak of quality. The HABA Family of Companies can prove their quality, signed and sealed:

  • ISO9001

  • ISO14001