Work life balance

Work life balance is often equated with balancing work and family life. But for the HABA Family of Companies it's more than that; we understand it as a proportionate balance of different parts of life. This balance is very different for different people, changes regularly and needs individual, flexible solutions and measures. As far as we are concerned the different parts of life include the work itself, social contacts, intellectual development of each employee, the emotional connection in a family environment, and the preservation of health.


We work for the best target group in the world: Children and families – that alone is a great source of motivation and is a lot of fun. The combination of our company values (link), the security of a successful history as a family company, and a great sense of responsibility to sustainability creates a high level of identification with our daily work.


Social contacts

Every employee is integrated into the internal team structure, and management generally sits in the middle of their area of responsibility. We have short communication channels and flat hierarchies, meaning that the doors are always open for regular discussions.


Intellectual development

We see ongoing further development both as a basic human need and as an operational necessity. That's why management has a personal meeting with each employee at least once per year to define individual measures. These are then implemented in cooperation with human resources development.



The value we place on family can be seen not only in our partners, and our products and services, but also for every individual employee. It can be seen in various services such as individually tailored work schedules, flexible working hours, a company daycare and preschool, school holiday care or home office arrangements. We were awarded the certificate "Audit berufundfamilie®" for our family friendly human resources policy.



We have developed a holistic concept to consider all aspects of our employee's health. Individual measures in the company are constantly reviewed, improved and expanded, and this process integrates all interest groups within and outside the company. The most important building blocks of our concept include occupational safety (e.g. security regulations), the promotion of health (e.g. company sport), absence management and social aspects (e.g. social counselling).