Working at the HABA Family of Companies

Day nursery

These days balancing work and family life is becoming more and more important. Since 2004, employees of the HABA Family of Companies have been able to have their children looked after at the "Luise Habermaaß" company daycare. Our childcare facility aims to make it easier for parents manage the balancing act between their career and their family. The childcare facility is dedicated to Luise Habermaaß...

Audit berufundfamilie

Children and their families are the focus of our company philosophy. That's why it's especially important to us that we support our employees in finding a balance between work and family life! For our commitment we have been awarded the "Audit berufundfamilie®" certificate since 2003.


Work life balance is often equated with balancing work and family life. But for the HABA Family of Companies it's more than that; we understand it as a proportionate balance of different parts of life. This balance is very different for different people, changes regularly and needs individual, flexible solutions and measures. As far as we are concerned the different parts of life include the work itself, social contacts, intellectual development of each employee, the emotional connection in a family environment, and the preservation of health.


In the green heart of Germany, around 20 km from the small Franconian town of Coburg, and not far from the border with Thüringen, is the health resort of Bad Rodach. The quiet town has around 7,000 inhabitants and offers countless opportunities to enjoy nature. The special location means that there is plenty to do in your leisure time: